YuiXX: Widgets ….

YuiXX, we count down.

but where did you see that widget system before?:

Some info …..

The YuiXX widget system is strongly related to the existing Yahoo/Intel Widget system.

But …

The existing widget library cannot and will not be used (a lot of content is strongly US related). There will be a new platform for the YuiXX with own applications, widgets and functionalities as written in de latest press-release announcement.

For developers, there will be a SDK available to develop own widgets for your own box, Widgets can be submitted to be put in the official YuiXX library to be used by all owners.

So yes, you could

Yuixx Info


Even weer wat Yuixx informatie …

Voor het eind van het jaar moet de Conceptronic YuiXX op de markt komen. Het wordt de eerste mediaspeler ter wereld die gebaseerd is op de Intel CE3100 chip en daarmee is het apparaat krachtiger dan welke andere mediaspeler dan ook (Volgens Koen Crijns van Hardware.Info).

Ga me niet vastpinnen op een release datum .. die kan en ga ik je niet geven ;-)

Hardware.Info had / kreeg en heeft de primeur vandaag met extra info en een filmpje op de website waarin een introductie van de Yuixx, de GUI en functionaliteit wordt weergegeven.

Yuixx Nieuws …

Iedereen die deze site volgt weet dat ik vaak dingen schrijf over producten en/of ontwikkelingen waarmee ik dagelijks in aanraking kom tijdens mijn kantoortijden…. Dus zo ook over de Yuixx.
Helaas kan ik niet altijd alles op de site schrijven omdat dingen tijdens ontwikkeling bijvoorbeeld wijzigen.

De afgelopen tijd heb je op deze site niet zoveel Yuixx nieuws gelezen: ik was op vakantie en veel Yuixx nieuws kon men lezen op verschillende nieuws sites. Zo heeft Tonie van Ringelestijn een stuk geschreven [big-jpg] voor de kranten van Wegener (oa. de Stentor). En schrijft ook Erwin Boogert gisteren een stuk op Emerce.nl over de applicatie van de NOS die uitzending gemist naar de TV brengt en waar de Yuixx ook in genoemd wordt.

Blijf deze site volgen want ik ga echt wel nieuw nieuws over de Yuixx hier melden. Echter dat zal eerder op technisch /functioneel vlak zijn zoals ik doe voor de CH3SNAS, CH3MNAS, CFULLHDMA(i) etc..

Yuixx Info: Some images revealed

After some time not posting information about the Yuixx I can share some images today. Engineering sample images, not more not less …… no strings attached.

As written before in an article on MPCCLCUB,

A major change we had to do is changing the implementation of the GUI. YuiXX wil be a mix of the “perfect” media player combining Internet and TV based on the Yahoo-Intel widget channel. Within the “YuiXX Gallery” we will have multiple content services like streaming TV channels via IPTV, Video on Demand services etc.. We are open for companies wanting to be on our platform and make themselves visible on TV in the livingroom instead of Internet on a PC only. People can get an SDK to develop it and we can give access into our gallery when we think it’s an aded value on the box.

Content owners like movies companies are alergic for transparent filters over their movies, so we had to make a difficult choice on changing our GUI and to step away for the transparent look; forget the content companies or come up with a different solution. We have chosen for the last one (our core mindset is still trying to make a simple, user friendly player for the mass market and adding these content services is added value from our opinion). So we are building our complete YuiXX media player as we wanted to have it, but as an Widget application. You can manage all you own content in the network (via Samba, NFS and UPnP) or stored on the YuiXX, from this Widget. This means we are presenting a complete new way of using a media player and on usibility it’s also great!

I expect people have some questions …. shoot .. I will not answer them all, but what I can I will do. Do not be worried about Codec support: that will be handled. Keep your eye on this site and yuixx.com

YuiXX news

Yeah, finally we can show more info about the YuiXX. Busy with lots of things. Some info will be revealed by other news sites (this is just a blog with 1K visitors a day, so not that much coverage) ;-)

visit yuixx.com for an update

Some extra YuiXX info will be revealed shortly I think ;-)

YuiXX news: Steve would be impressed ;-)


Running Mozilla on the Conceptronic YuiXX with Intel’s CE3100 SoC

Some leaked specs:
  • 33MB Memory usage of the whole browser application
  • Only 2~6% CPU usage is being used by the browser application
  • Just 1.2 seconds Onetime startup of the browser application

This Application is running at 1080p @ 60Hz, natively on the OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenVG of the Intel CE 3100 processor.

Enough power is left for other applications like: Multiple Applications in the Widget Channel, Samba, NFS etc.. More surprises will be revealed later.

Yuixx – CE 3100 – Streaming HD media Player / IPTV solution

2L International & Metrological announced today in a press release the first ready-to-market streaming HD media Player / IPTV solution based on Intel(r) Media processor CE 3100 (Metrological press release including images can be found here)


Involved in the project I can of course tell and show a little more than what the press release is announcing. In short: The device is focussing on HD content, streaming media and much more! I’m impressed about the quality of the Intel CE 3100 (aka Canmore SoC) which is totally different from all the solutions I have seen before and worked with. Yes it does 1080p at 1920*1080, it has HDMI 1.3a, Composite, Component, Stereo, S/PDIFF optical, USB at the back and USB at the front, SD/MMC cardreader and optional: smartcard reader & all kinds of Digital Tuner cards.

Last year Intel & Yahoo announced the availability of Widgets and they can be embedded as well. What to think about Twitter on your TV or Flickr or many other Widgets?

At birth the guys of Conceptronic gave the