CH3SNAS: 1.05b02

For early birds 1.05b2 (1.58.0219.2009)

REVOKED (ftp server does not work !) Very wierd, but true !

error: Feb 22 16:15:25 CH3SNAS-2 ftp.err pure-ftpd: (?@?) [ERROR] Configuration error: Unknown logging format: simple
Uhpfff I am not happy ..

Quick release notes by head: xbox360 support (Not tested yet), format progress info is better, uptime supported, lan connection speed working again.

I have no idea if e-mail is not working: I can send mail on account level, so check it (check it with internal DNS or external DNS (internal DNS = IP of router what is used when using DHCP mostly)).

It took some time releasing this firmware as I had some difficulties formatting 1 box yesterday. I had heavily modified 1 box and was not able to format at all .. resetting by webinterface was no solution. A forced reset at the back of the device was .. So fixed ;-)

Upgrading should not cause any loss of data, but I advise always to force a factory reset so that scripts do work correctly.

Ok, give me your comments ;-)

Preparing some FW (firmware) release


added uptime support, but … no support on shell level. Sorry.


Lan settings fixed as well ..

More items? Probably .. xbox360 support, I can send e-mails …

For E-mail we have some neat things

Received: from 123.456.789 (HELO (123.456.789)

Ahhh… full domain offered so that it will be accepted by mailservers only accepting full qualified domainnames.

Subject: CH3SNAS_E-Mail_Alert
Message-ID: <>
Auto-Submitted: auto-generated

Ahh .. Auto-Submitted, again using RFC’s so that certain mailservers do not have to reply.

I’ll release the new firmware for the CH3SNAS asap ;-)

RFH (Request For HELP): UNPAK2 script for NZBget

I’ve managed to modify the updated unpak script from ydroll for the CH3SNAS with NZBGET. This one is much bigger and much worse to have it correctly implemented in the CH3SNAS (especially as there is a ‘catalog’ file included, which is different scripted and has less ‘hard-coded’ pathnames in it.

I’m not a script-kiddie, so Request for Help: the script in my folder is for experts only: you need to know what you are doing. I think the script is working for 95% and 5% gives probably issue on the catalog part. So if someone is able to modify the script / idea of ydroll so that many users of the Ch3SNAS can use it: help is appreciated on the UNPAK1 (the standard version I also use) and UNPAK2 script.

Looking forward to modified scrips .. ;-)

Update nzbget.conf

This how-to is outdated. Use this one!

to have the ch3snas working fine with nzbget you need the nzget.conf file
I have adjusted the nzbget.conf delivered with latest beta release nzbget-0.6.0-testing-r269 to have it working with the CH3SNAS and my previous installation instruction. download the new file here you can rename the to nzbget.conf

I’m now checking if there is an updated unpak script yes/no ;-)

The AroundMyRoom Forum

I got request to create a forum as some people did not like to read all the comments. A forum to discuss the entries about items written in this weblog. Yes, you can think about CFULLHDMA, CH3SNAS, scripts to use on CH3SNAS, NZBGET and many other things.

The forum, no strings attached, is just a personal initiative and not related to any other thing than my personal website. If it’s success I can check how to expand…